The Rebel House in Boca is Open for Easter Sunday Brunch- Hallelujah!


My favorite restaurant in Boca, The Rebel House, will be serving brunch this Sunday for the first time with a menu they are calling “Wake and Bake” brunch.  Appropriate on so many levels for South Florida .

We’re all quite familiar with the deliciousness of their “OG Receipe Fried Chicken & Biscuits”- and I’m particularly fond of their fois gras, Berkshire Pork and Green Chive dumplings, Duck, Pork Belly appetizer, and steak.  Now I’m intrigued by the potential of this brunch with items like:

“The Wake and Bake Loco Moto”-grilled burger, fried farm egg, grits, truffle teriyaki emulsion and crispy kale.

“The Pork Belly Benedict” -poached farm eggs, bacon braised kale, griddled biscuit, chipolte hollandaise, and pickled pepper salad.

Short Rib Gruyere Frittata– forest mushrooms, leeks, smoked tomato catsup, and arugla salad.

Of course they have shrimp and grits, steak and eggs, and healthy options like egg white scramble as well as fruit on yogurt for the “safe eaters” in your party.  Then again, everything I’ve ever eaten there is delicious so every choice is safe.

Make reservations if you can right now.  I live about one hundred feet away from the restaurant and can assure you they will be completely booked if not already.  They always are.

And do yourself a favor… plan out what you want to eat ahead of time.  It will take a while to decide because you’ll want to try everything.  I know I will.

You can find their downloadable menu on their facebook page.

297 E Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton, FL 33432 ‎(561) 353-5888


Books or Nooks?


As I got my usual mani-pedi the other day, I was juxtaposed between two elderly ladies a la typical Boca Raton fashion.  They were discussing their brand new Nooks. One had internet access and one did not.  Apparently they’re coming out with an HD version, too; did you know that?  As they compared who had the better Nook, I couldn’t help but be amused that I was the younger one and I’m pro book, not Nook.

I love technology just as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing like the smell, the feel, and beauty of a book.   I cuddle up with one, two, maybe five books and a cup of coffee and begin the adventure of deciding who gets read first.  Someones I just want to disconnect with the outside world and technology altogether.  Books still provide that escape for me, something a Nook does not.

In fact, there are many ways a Nook does not satisfy what a book does:

A Nook… doesn’t have a gorgeous cover with carefully designed imagery and font.  Half of the reason I buy books is for the design.  It’s portable art.

A Nook doesn’t let you flip between many pages at once to reference what happened earlier in a story.  It’s faster with a book.

A Nook doesn’t have that smell… whether new or old, books have a certain scent, a glorious one.  Like fine wine, it gets better with age.  And when you walk into a place with many of them, particularly an old library, the scent is heavenly.

A Nook would never survive the hostile environment of my purse.  Cameras have died untimely deaths in there.  Makeup compacts disintegrate.  Lipsticks and lip gloss come apart.  Gum moulds itself into unrecognizable shapes.  Books always survive.

Nooks can’t be signed by the author.  That’s a huge fail for me.

You can’t have exchange parties with Nooks.   Once a month, on Sundays in New York, I’d have a book exchange party with my girlfriends.  We would take advantage of this time to catch up with some wine, talk about our lives, and talk about our books.

A Nook doesn’t reveal who someone is, their book collection does.  When I first meet someone, the first thing I do when I visit their home is check out their book collection.  When I first met my husband, his book collection confirmed he was the type of person I could spend more time with.  Books on spirituality, martial arts, and cooking?  Exactly my type.  I would never of known that with a Nook!

Now don’t get me wrong.  Nooks and e-readers have their place.  I think they’re a much cheaper, environmentally friendly and efficient replacement for textbooks in schools and universities.  It just makes sense.  However, when it comes to reading for enjoyment, I want the solitude of a book… and not technology.

Today’s Epiphany

I recently told a friend that I was moving to Seattle in May.  She immediately told me “You have to see this video then.  It’s about Portland, but really it’s the same as Seattle.”


“Do you remember the nineties?”
“You know… people were talking about getting piercings and tribal tattoos.”
“People were singing about saving the planet, forming bands.”
“There’s a place where that exists and still has a reality.  And I’ve been there.”
“Where is it?”

She was right.  I think I saw each and every person in this video on my last visit to… Seattle.  The dream of the 90’s is still alive in Seattle AND now in Portland.

Which…in turn, means, that the hipsters in Portland (and Williamsburg, Brooklyn) actually began in Seattle.  Epiphany had, mystery solved.   Good thing I kept my flannel.

Girls, Girls, Girls

The first time I tried to watch “Girls,” I made it through all of five minutes.  The second time I tried to watch it, I made it through ten.  It’s a show full of whiny train-wrecks.  Why would I keep watching this? I kept asking myself “Was I really that neurotic in my twenties?” and “Why is Lena Dunham getting so many accolades for this?”

And then I thought of Claire Danes in “My So Called Life” and how much I hated that show, too.  That show won a Golden Globe.   Do you have to be whiny to win awards?  Seems so.  Woody Allen made an entire career out it it.  Then again, I’m not in love with his movies, either (I know-TRAVESTY!  How can I call myself a New Yorker???)

No, I definitely wasn’t that whiny in my twenties.  I was too busy to be whiny or as self indulgent as the characters portrayed in “Girls.”  Most of my friends were too busy to be whiny.  Our parents were of the “If you want something, get a job and pay for it yourself” mentality. I’d been working and paying bills since I was fifteen.  I grew up in the 90’s, Generation X.  We had a few whiners, but not nearly to the extent happening in this show…or supposedly in this generation.  We worked hard, some of us slacked hard, but we had fun and we paid our own bills, little by little by taking any job we could get.  No one was too good to wait tables or bartend while they pursued their dreams. For God’s sake, we had the movie “Singles”. Not as whiny, but whiny enough.

(my artist friends and I, circa 1997, before our three woman photography show.  All Rights Reserved)

Fast forward to the twenty-somethings of today.  I work in broadcast production and visual effects with many talented, driven twentysomethings or “hipsters,” as some call themselves.  This show definitely does all of them a great disservice. Yes, they live in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint.   They work as hard as I did and they play as hard as I did…if not harder.  Some are self indulgent and whiny for a second but they don’t last or they learn to get over themselves quickly.  I’d prefer to see an HBO series about THEIR lives and how they’re coping with working seventy to ninety hour weeks and managing their sanity-which they seem to do.  Some of them work free internships by day and bartend or work other jobs at night.  To me, that story is more realistic…and more impressive than what I’ve seen on “Girls.”

Just stop the whining… and while you’re at it, the gratuitous self deprecating sex.  But that’s another post… after I force myself to make it through a few more episodes.

Things Aren’t What They Used To Be

St.Patrick’s day in Boca Raton has changed since I was in college.  Instead of my capturing the calm before the storm, I captured the calm before the calm.  Boca definitely changed during the thirteen years I was in New York.  St.Patricks is shockingly… mellow now.

I did, however, capture some photos of all this maturity…and some pretty ones, too.  Enjoy.

12:30 St.Patrick’s Day Boca Raton Pub Check Report


Irish music pervades the air…st.patsbatch2-5 st.patsbatch2-4 st.patsbatch2 st.patsbatch2-3

As promised, the party has begun.  The street is blocked off and there are some delicious plates of cabbage and corned beef populating the tables.  People and dogs are dressed in full green regalia.  There’s a bright green classic car to punctuate the event and in true form, I suspect many of the patrons have been there since last night.  The bag pipes aren’t there yet…and I didn’t notice a dunk tank.  Perhaps that’s to come.

The Black Rose
They were still setting up when I walked by but there are a few drinkers partaking in libations.  I suspect this will be quite packed in a few hours.


Still setting up.  It’s looking good, though.  Some people are beginning to meander in.

Wishing Well

Nothing really happening yet.  They’re setting up.  The only patrons I saw were two girls with green dresses.   I’m sure my 5:00pm check in will provide a completely different scene.

Enjoy, be safe, and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

St. Patrick’s Day Port-o-Potty Check


I just wandered around Royal Palm Place in Boca to get a look at St.Patrick’s Day preparations.  It’s quiet, people are slowly starting to meander around in their green,the tents are up, and more importantly, the port-o-potties are out.  Everyone is preparing…(though the party is already in full swing in Delray Beach).


I’m sure the mayhem will ensue tomorrow, and in preparation for when it does, here’s the skinny on some of my favorite Irish pubs in Boca, all centered around Royal Palm Plaza area in “downtown” Boca…and a port-o-potty report so you can be prepared.

First stop is O’Brian’s.  Start your day at O’Brian’s with “Kegs & Eggs” at 7:30am.  They will have 80 kegs ready for you and a full on block party with live bands, DJ’s, a full dunk tank, bag pipes, and apparently, three tractor trailers of green beer.  Sadly, I see no port-o-potties thus far but that’s okay, because we’re moving onto…

The Wishing Well

When I was in college, this was usually the first stop on our  bar crawl.  The parking lot would be full of hundreds of people saturating themselves with green beer and Guinness from the many kegs they have outside.  Smells of corned beef and cabbage infiltrate even the drunkest nostril. If you didn’t grab your Irish breakfast at O’Brian’s, then you should grab some corned beef & cabbage here.

The usual tent is up and they are relatively prepared with four port-o-potties in the parking lot.  Good thinking, Wishing Well, good thinking.


And now we move onto Holloway’s.   I love this place not only because the owner actually IS Irish (rare in Boca), but it reminds me of my old faithful in Manhattan,McCormack’s (now closed, sadly).  Live Irish music and DJ’s will be playing. If you can score a seat at the bar, it means you probably haven’t left that spot since the night before-it’s near impossible to get a seat in there on St.Pat’s. But that’s okay, most of the party will be in the parking lot, anyway.  There, you will find two port-o-potties other than the bathrooms inside.

And last, but not least, my local… The Black Rose.  I love this place and always close the night out here.  They have a large back patio area reminiscent of an
Irish biergarten, if there is such a thing.


I noticed no port-o-potties here so schedule your bathroom stops accordingly.  Drink up, buttercup.  It’s going to be a long day…and yes, I will have my camera.

Best Little Tea House in Boca


Another wandering around Boca Raton produced yet another great find:  The Spice & Tea Exchange.  This wonderful little find in Mizner Park provided me with a wonderland of teas, spices, specialty salts, sugars, and oils- everything a foodie could love.  If you love cooking… and drinking tea, this is the place for you.   Take at least an hour to wander around this wonderful place.  “Come in And Smell the Spices!”  Their top selling teas include: Green tropical, Black Chocolate, Coconut Oolong, Mystic Dragon Tea, Mango Green, Pear Caramel, Ginger Turmeric tea, and Hazelnut Plum.  Best selling spices include: Tuscany Blend, Butcher’s Rub, Backwood’s Hickory Rub, Pirate’s Bite, Expresso Steak Rub (dying to try!), Black Truffle Salt, and Crazy Chicken to name a few.  Enjoy!

Mizner Park
426 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
(561) 910-1289