I’ve Been Busy

One of the reasons I moved to Florida was to take a break from production and pursue my first love and obsession, photography.  I will continue photographing in Seattle, of course, but I will miss all of the people I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.  There’s something very special in documenting a moment in someone’s life, freezing them in time.  It’s a huge responsibility and I treasure the fact that so many people have trusted me with their memories.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some really wonderful people over the last year and a half.chattergoldstudios6 diana1 chattergoldstudios chattergoldstudios8 chattergoldstudios_4 Kenzie_small KENZIEWM  Here are some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing recently before my move to Seattle.  Visit my company facebook page for more eye candy.

Enjoy!  http://www.facebook.com/chattergoldstudios


Be Patient, Be Still, Be Safe, Boston. (Photo Credit: The Illuminator)

Be Patient, Be Still, Be Safe, Boston.  (Photo Credit:  The Illuminator)

Many emotions run through me as I watch what happens in Boston. Anyone who was in New York during 9/11 is more than likely, having flashbacks.
The fear, the anxiety, the sadness… and the stillness. The stillness of waiting to see who, what, where, and when you can leave your apartment safely. When will this end? When will we not have to worry?

And now Day 2 is upon us. I remember how confusing everything was the day after 9/11…still processing what had happened and where we were going from there as smoke flew by my window from the twin towers. Day 2 was a lot to process and what changed me. All one can do is be patient, be still…and be safe, Boston. Stop watching the news. A brighter day is on the horizon.

Somebody That I Used to Know

Somebody That I Used to Know

Someone I knew thirteen years ago, during my spell in the east village, just got in contact to tell me that she still has the photo I took of her on her wall… and that everyone that walks into her apt, compliments it.

It’s moments like these that I’m reminded how much I love photography and love recording peoples’ lives and moments.

Thanks, Ang!