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The Best Moisturizer For Summer

chattergoldstudiosI just found your next most favorite moisturizer in the WORLD for summer…
and of course it can only be found in the city I just left, Boca Raton.

I mentioned one of my favorite natural shops in Boca, Nature’s Symphony, a few blog posts ago.  Well, I bought their Facial Mousse and now I’m in love.   Made with aloe vera gel, carrot, wheat germ, almond, sunflower oils as well as essential oils of orange, patchouli, carrot seed, rose, geranium and frankincense, it will sooth any irritation or sunburn.  This lovely face mousse is light, fluffy, smells heavenly and I can’t get enough of it.  Thankfully, I can order more of it online now that I’m in Seattle.  Try it; you’ll LOVE it.  You’re welcome.

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Smidge of Seattle

Seattle_socialmedia-31Seattle_socialmedia-34   Seattle_socialmedia-35 Seattle_socialmedia-36 Seattle_socialmedia-37 Seattle_socialmedia-38 Seattle_socialmedia-42  Seattle_socialmedia-47 Seattle_socialmedia-49 Seattle_socialmedia-50 Seattle_socialmedia-54  Seattle_socialmedia-56 Seattle_socialmedia-57 Seattle_socialmedia-58 Seattle_socialmedia-59We’ve been in Seattle three weeks and I have to say, we love it more and more each day.  It’s cleaner than New York, is less crowded, the food is just as good, and people are very polite (not that New Yorkers aren’t nice people; they just don’t take the time to be polite at times).  Kudos, Seattle, kudos for flying under the radar so long.  Who knew?

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Silent in Seattle

Silent in Seattle

A moment of silence as I take a break in St.James Cathedral

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

You’re still the most beautiful lady I know.