The Top 10 Books That Have Influenced My Life


Several times throughout my life, especially during the several years I lived and worked as a producer in New York, I was asked how I stayed so “positive” and how I seemed to stay so stress free, unaffected. Well, I was definitely affected by stress, but would refer to these books now and then to get me back “in line” or “on the path” -along with my yoga practice (when I could manage to leave the office). I now pass onto you the books that helped form the basis of my thought process from my late teens to now and continue to keep the positivity and determination flowing. And let me just clarify that I found these books before Oprah.

1. Be Here NowRam Dass (1971). Finally, someone who understood what I understood. I wasn’t crazy after all.

2. Many Lives, Many MastersBrian Weiss (1988) This book answered most of my questions about the purpose of life, death and reincarnation-which I’ve always believed in (wayward Catholic that I am). Clarity! Oprah has featured Dr.Weiss on her show several times. Yep, this book is Oprah approved.

3. Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach (1970).  This book calmed my turbulent twenties. People who are highly impatient and have extreme emotions should definitely read this book.  They made this book into a movie. Read the book-forget the movie.

4. Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman (1980). Another book that gives you perspective, patience, and meaning. People who are highly impatient should definitely read this also. They made a movie based on the book, as well. Read the book.

5. As a Man ThinkethJames Allen (written in 1902)
At around 20 years of age, I found a miniature version of this book. It was my entry into “you are what you think” -aka- “Law of Attraction.”  I gave a version of this book to all of two potential suitors in my 20’s that were under consideration, figuring if they understood this book and followed the same philosophy, they would understand me (yes, I’m a picky girl). Neither boy “got it.” I finally did find a man who did understood this book…and lived according its philosophy in my late thirties. Better late than never!

6. Law of Attraction-Ester & Jerry Hicks (2006). Remember that book The Secret that was all the rage at one point? I remember seeing it in B&N one day, flipping through it and thinking “She’s ripped ‘Law of Attraction’ from Ester & Jerry Hicks.” Oprah actually calls Rhonda out on her book, The Secret, being a direct, homogenized (“more marketable”) version of Jerry and Ester’s teachings in this youtube interview with Ester Hicks. Get Jerry and Ester’s book “Law of Attraction.” If you can make it past Ester channeling Abraham to get the wisdom of this book, you’ll learn some very useful tools for staying positive, sane and surprisingly successful in every day life. You are what you think.

7. The Tao of Pooh +8. The Te of Piglet Benjamin Hoff (1982) A friend of mine in college gave me this book. It’s a great reminder of how we need to go with the flow of life instead of paddling against it all of the time.

9. The Celestine Prophecy + 10. The Tenth Insight(1993,1996) James Redfield. Great adventure books to describe and advise on life’s adventure and meaning.

And here’s a little bonus book-“Letters From Janice” by Wayne Hatford (1987)-a book about the author’s correspondence with his friend in the Astral Plane after she’d passed. A great read for the open minded.

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