“Her efforts to cultivate an identity as a strong silent type have consistently been undermined by her gregarious nature and delight in conversation.”

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A little about me-I’m an artist, photographer, producer, social media enthusiast, and a blossoming blogger. Join me in my adventure as I write about the hodgepodge of happenings that is my life and what I find interesting. And if you find something you like on here, please feel free to share on the social stratosphere- facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+ et al!

All photography on this site, but for videos or noted pieces, is shot by and owned by me, all rights reserved.  You can see and purchase more of my photography (including downloads of my photography for blogging or internal/personal use @$5 an image) on my photography website: http://www.chattergoldstudios.com

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4 replies on “About”

Thanks! I look forward to reading more of your blog and learning more about Calgary! I’ve been to Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto but have wondered what Calgary is like!

No problem 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I used to live in Toronto and spent most of my life in Vancouver and also been to Montréal, it’s great in all of those cities. I am rather new to Calgery but am enjoying my time here so far, except for the Winters of course haha.

Thanks for stopping by our blog, ‘Another Couple’s Blog’! We’re also fans of social media 🙂 Can’t live without it!

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