Feeling Fall in Your Home

It’s that beautiful time of year again…

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Fall Leaves in Central Park brighten up any home.

Death of My Camera in the Old Cemetery

Old cemetery in Lewes, Sussex, England

I was in a charming little English town in Sussex named Lewes for a friend’s wedding years ago. I’m not even sure you could call it a town it was so tiny, but there was so much to photograph.

We stopped off at this small stone church that I’m sure was built in the 1300s, not much later. It was a cool day and the light was perfect as it seeped through the windows of the cool stone interior. There were maybe only a few pews on each side of the church. Beautiful, but what I really wanted to photograph, of course, was the cemetery behind it.

As I walked into the quiet, small cemetery, I shot one photo of the side of the church and then this one of the crypt. My film ran out after the second shot, or so I thought. So, I sat on the crypt you see here in this photograph, to reload my camera with a fresh roll of film.  In retrospect, that probably wasn’t a good idea as my brand new camera battery seemed to die. My photographer friend generously offered her brand new camera battery and I tried that one. Alas, my camera was refusing to shoot any more photographs on these church grounds or cemetery. This photograph and the other in this portfolio of Lewes are the only 2 photographs I was able to shoot there.

When we got back to our flat, I grabbed yet another fresh battery and STILL, my camera wouldn’t work.  It wasn’t until we flew back home to New York that my camera finally worked with a new battery. I’m still perplexed to this day.

Word to the wise: Don’t sit on crypts while photographing in cemeteries; your camera may not make it back alive.

Note: You may buy this photograph by clicking on the photo which will lead you to the gallery with this and the other photo of the church I was able to capture before the death of my camera.

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October 1st! Countdown to Halloween!

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Fallen Knight.

Fallen Angels

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Beaches and Oceans

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” JFK

I’m in a beachy state of mind today- probably because I grew up on one and I’ve most recently moved near one, here in Santa Monica, California. The ocean has always captivated me and been my place of peace. Here’s a collection of my favorite beaches and waterways, a little beach therapy for you.

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Deerfield Beach, Florida. Hurricane Sandy hitting the shore.

Up close and personal with the sand and seaweed.

White Rock, Vancouver, Canada. Tranquility at its best.

Palm trees leading to heaven.

Sun Over St.Thomas

Sunset over St.Thomas.

Your Monday Moment of Zen

Just stare.

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My New Summer Accessory: A Must For All You DIY Peeps, Artists, Cooks and Professional BBQ Masters

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.12.12 AM

A couple of months ago, I was asked to photograph some product shots for these Wise Chef Premium Onion Goggles above. As a product photographer, I get to keep the goods after I photograph them…and I have to tell you, these things have been useful.  It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you had them…and used them. And I use them every single day.

They’re for sale on Amazon only and the product advertises:

  • ELIMINATES TEARS AND STINGING EYES- Our Onion Goggles allow you to chop and dice in Comfort
  • FOAM PADDED RIMS- Allow a snug and comfortable fit while keeping those nasty vapors out.
  • NOT JUST FOR CHOPPING ONIONS- These Onion Goggles are Great for gardening and cutting grass for those with allergies.
  • GREAT FOR BBQ OR OPEN FIRE COOKING-Your clothes might stink but your eyes won’t sting.
  • CHEF RECOMMENDED-Whether you’re a pro in a restaurant or a Mom at home, our Onion Goggles are the answer your Tear up problems!

But I’ll tell you what, being the DIYer and artist that I am, I’ve found other uses:

  • PROTECTS YOUR EYES WHILE SANDING FURNITURE & WALLS  (the eye part is sealed all around so no dust particles)
  • PROTECTS EYES WHILE SPRAY PAINTING AND SPRAY GLUING  (I often frame my own photographs and use spray glue and repaint furniture)
  • WOODWORK- no sawdust or wood chips in my eyes! YES!
  • PROTECTS FROM ALL EYE IRRITANTS that are messy and can potentially involve chemicals, dust, smoke, particles, or chips getting in your eyes. I’ve given these to my Dad who lives in Florida because he’s always spraying bug spray or cleaning with harsh cleaners. I can’t get him to wear a mask, so I have him at least wear these.

And according to my motorcycle enthusiast friends, these glasses/goggles are great for when you’re riding sans helmet -which I’m not a fan of, but at least they have some sort of protective gear. (Don’t the bugs still get in your mouth/teeth? YUCK)

If you have sensitive eyes and are constantly getting into messes like I am, these glasses are your new best friend. You’re welcome.