That Little Green Box You See on Facebook

That Little Green Box You're Seeing On Facebook

For those civilians who are not in the visual effects industry (that’s the industry I’ve been a producer in for the last 13 years), you may be seeing green screens on various peoples’ facebook pages. This is a sign of solidarity, standing up for the visual effects artists that work on those movies you love to watch. These artists work around the clock every day for months on those movies you love, much of the time without overtime compensation-without even going home for sleep or a shower during deadline! Ang Lee, who won for the “Life of Pi” didn’t even recognize his visual effects company, Rhythm & Hues, who MADE his movie so beautiful and who ALSO had to file for bankruptcy BECAUSE Ang Lee didn’t want to pay for the real cost of what it took to create the of “Life of Pi”. Now hundreds of visual effects artists, producers like me, who worked around the clock, are not going to be paid. Those of us with the green screens are showing respect for our fellow vfx artists that slaved on this movie. These are talented, dedicated artists who are responsible for executing the director’s vision, not button pushers. THEY made “Life of Pi.” You can’t low-ball art. Unionize vfx.