Today’s Deep Moment: Waiting For the Bounce House


I walked around the Queen Anne Day festivities and found myself entranced by the little ones waiting outside of the bounce house.  They were waiting oh-so-patiently, so earnestly, for their turn at what seemed to be ultimate joy.  Suddenly, I yearned to jump in the bounce house, too.  Then I realized, aren’t we all yearning for our turn in the bounce house?

2 thoughts on “Today’s Deep Moment: Waiting For the Bounce House

  1. Love this Trish. Yes, there’s something about a bounce house! On Thursday we went to an outdoor concert downtown and they had one (even better it was free and no time limitation on how long you could bounce!)- both my kids were in there a long time even though we have a trampoline at home. Pure joy. I love watching them- one of the great things about kids is when they remind you how good life is. And ts heartening to see the kids in your photo waiting so patiently lol

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