Resolving to Find “Balance” in 2014

You may or may not have heard about a blog movement called “One Word 365.” Instead of making a list of resolutions that you swear you’ll diligently keep, this theme has to do with choosing just one word. This word will be your motto, your mantra, the word that will describe and direct your 2014.

My one word is: Balance.

Balance in the way I eat.

Balance in the way I exercise- not sporadically. No more yoga intensified months and then nothing for the rest of the year!

Balance in how much time I give to my art, whether it be photography, painting, or writing. I won’t get specific about which genre, but give myself the freedom to just create without rules or expectations.

and balance in behavior, life, love and work. I began this last year and I plan on continuing it this year.

I will stop, look, eat, breathe, think, act and consider… with a sense of balance…instead of extremes.

Boring to you? Challenging to me.
If you could choose one word for 2014 instead of creating a list of resolutions, what would that one word be?


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