The Best Moisturizer For Summer

I just found your next most favorite moisturizer in the WORLD for summer… and of course it can only be found in the city I just left, Boca Raton. I mentioned one of my favorite natural shops in Boca, Nature’s Symphony, a few blog posts ago.  Well, I bought their Facial Mousse and now I’mContinue reading “The Best Moisturizer For Summer”

Holistic in Boca With Nature’s Symphony

I was wandering around my neighborhood the other day and stumbled across this cute little aromatherapy store, Nature’s Symphony. At first I noticed the sage sticks and the sarcastic side of me responded with “Sage sticks in Boca? How appropriate”  but then I was drawn to the organic oils, soaps, perfumes, candles, lotions, creams andContinue reading “Holistic in Boca With Nature’s Symphony”