#MotivationMonday Travel to Italy Again

It’s Monday…and I daydream about traveling to Italy again …

Walking the streets of Venice in technicolor. Prints & Canvas for sale.

Click images to support my travel habit by purchasong these prints or canvas.

My New Summer Accessory: A Must For All You DIY Peeps, Artists, Cooks and Professional BBQ Masters

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.12.12 AM

A couple of months ago, I was asked to photograph some product shots for these Wise Chef Premium Onion Goggles above. As a product photographer, I get to keep the goods after I photograph them…and I have to tell you, these things have been useful.  It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you had them…and used them. And I use them every single day.

They’re for sale on Amazon only and the product advertises:

  • ELIMINATES TEARS AND STINGING EYES- Our Onion Goggles allow you to chop and dice in Comfort
  • FOAM PADDED RIMS- Allow a snug and comfortable fit while keeping those nasty vapors out.
  • NOT JUST FOR CHOPPING ONIONS- These Onion Goggles are Great for gardening and cutting grass for those with allergies.
  • GREAT FOR BBQ OR OPEN FIRE COOKING-Your clothes might stink but your eyes won’t sting.
  • CHEF RECOMMENDED-Whether you’re a pro in a restaurant or a Mom at home, our Onion Goggles are the answer your Tear up problems!

But I’ll tell you what, being the DIYer and artist that I am, I’ve found other uses:

  • PROTECTS YOUR EYES WHILE SANDING FURNITURE & WALLS  (the eye part is sealed all around so no dust particles)
  • PROTECTS EYES WHILE SPRAY PAINTING AND SPRAY GLUING  (I often frame my own photographs and use spray glue and repaint furniture)
  • WOODWORK- no sawdust or wood chips in my eyes! YES!
  • PROTECTS FROM ALL EYE IRRITANTS that are messy and can potentially involve chemicals, dust, smoke, particles, or chips getting in your eyes. I’ve given these to my Dad who lives in Florida because he’s always spraying bug spray or cleaning with harsh cleaners. I can’t get him to wear a mask, so I have him at least wear these.

And according to my motorcycle enthusiast friends, these glasses/goggles are great for when you’re riding sans helmet -which I’m not a fan of, but at least they have some sort of protective gear. (Don’t the bugs still get in your mouth/teeth? YUCK)

If you have sensitive eyes and are constantly getting into messes like I am, these glasses are your new best friend. You’re welcome.

Angels Among Us – Seattle Art

angelwings_Lr-midcopy-1Hey Seattle, please one of the angels among us at this very special art event in the Phinney Ridge Art Up Walk. We even have free mini reiki sessions that night.See details below.

Finding Your Creative Genius

As an artist, I go through phases of inspiration and periods of drought. Whether you’re an artist, writer, or actor, you long for that divine inspiration to light within you and flood your art with mission, brilliance.

After chatting with a friend about this divine inspiration (suddenly, I want to write, photograph and paint all at the same time), she mentioned this video and emailed it to me later. I’ve always been a fan of Ted Talks but this talk by Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat Pray Love” fame hits it on the head. Watch it and find your divine inspiration.