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Foodie Friday: LloydMartin, Seattle, WA

Daydreaming of this salad

I have daydreams about this salad, LloydMartin.

I know, I know… salad?  Yes, salad.  A good test of a brilliant restaurant, in my opinion, is how well they make their salad.  Are the ingredients fresh and unique?  Is it drowning in dressing?  Are the croutons fresh, made on site?  How do all of the elements of the salad work together as a whole? This salad, the Tandoori pork belly salad, was exquisite- all flavors worked together magically.   Pickled peppers, ricotta, tandoori dusted pork belly …heaven!  I could eat it every day of my life.  I’m serious.

I haven’t eaten this well since I left New York (and yes, you’re spoiled in New York with the variety of restaurants that rest on your doorstep).  I started with this magical salad and knew that I was in for a treat for the rest of my courses.  Pork ravioli with a generous portion of shaved truffles, duck breast with summer vegetables, pickled huckleberry with port sauce, and sipping Badia a Coltibuono Chianti makes for a perfect meal.  Does it get better?

Apparently, it does.  They have a new menu.  And they change it regularly.  That means you really need to eat there at least twice a month to eat the latest and greatest deliciousness.   I love a restaurant with a changing menu-you never get bored!

Fair warning: make reservations if you want to eat there on weekend nights.  It’s a favorite date place due to its intimate setting and warm, romantic lighting.  The bar area is always packed, as well, but  you can probably sneak in on a Tuesday or Wednesday without reservations if you’re the spontaneous type (like me).

You’re welcome.
For reservations, call 206.420.7602
1525 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

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