The Week in “Say What?”

I’m beginning a new post series called The Week in “Say What?” simply because I encounter so many memes and videos that inspire some serious “Say What?” moments. Here are this week’s funny and awe inspiring internet moments:

1.  “Offline Dating”: Choose Local. It’s Better for the Environment
This guy is brilliant. No one wants to travel to date someone in Manhattan…or anywhere. Choose Local.

2.  According to Thought Catalog,
“This 10-Year-Old Girl Has The Soul Of 1,000 Drag Queens”
Because I’m an expert in this area, I’d have to say they are correct in their statement. Thought this may be troubling to some, the girl seriously knows how to throw down.

3.  And this week’s true winner, takes a demented turn with
“Crazy Rhubarb Lady”
According to Gawker, “After a rash of rhubarb burglaries in a nondescript Iowa town, local residents set out to uncover the culprit — only to discover that the person behind the leafy larceny is exactly the kind of person you’d expect would steal someone else’s hard-grown rhubarb.”

4.  And of course I must include this because I love Jimmy Fallon. Thousands of “Blurred Lines” adaptations are being recorded as we speak. at. this. very. moment.

5.  And I’ll close with this little meme…just because I’m just a little dead inside.

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