Best Summer Accessory & Probably the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever


As I mentioned in previous posts, many small businesses sell on Amazon. This just happens to be one of my favorite new products: the new Cascade Cooler Wine tote, only found on Amazon. It covers all bases for mothers and keeping my wine chilled:

  1. KEEPS WINE CHILLED FOR HOURS: Whether you’re at a BBQ or in the car, this insulated tote keeps 2 bottles of wine cold for up to 5 hours without ice.
  2. PREVENTS MESSY BOTTLE BREAKAGE: Transport your glass bottles without the fear of them breaking and spilling everywhere-even during bumpy car rides! (I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to stop the car because of wine bottles rolling around in my trunk. NOT cool).
  3. NOT JUST FOR WINE: This tote is perfect for carrying cold beer, sports drinks, water bottles, baby bottles, and more. Also great for stashing snacks!
  4. THICKER MATERIAL: This tote is made from 5mm neoprene instead of 3mm like the competitors, so it offers superior shock absorbency. Not cheap or flimsy. (don’t be fooled by the others on Amazon. This one is quality).
  5. EASY TO CARRY AND STORE: The convenient handle makes our tote easy to carry, even when your arms are full. It also folds up small for simple storage. (it’s super comfortable while carrying it, too, especially if you’re carrying water bottles or walking far).

Bring this wine tote (filled with wine) to your Mother’s Day picnic on the beach or in the garden and watch Mom’s smile light up. I’ve already bought 2 of these things-can’t live without it this summer! Click on the photo or any of the urls to order.

Small Business Product Series: Portable Spider Cell Phone Holder

721577208810.721577208797.721577208803In support of small businesses this holiday season, I will feature a new product or business each week through November and into the first two weeks of December. The first product I will feature is perfect for the man or woman in your life, as a Secret Santa present, stocking stuffer, or as a regular gift for anyone with a mobile device at $17.99 -the bendable Arachno Grip Cell Phone Holder, available on Amazon (yes, on Amazon… did you know that Amazon sells products from small businesses? Yep, they sure do.)

My cell phone never has to touch a dirty surface again; it’s protected from all the nasty germy, surfaces of the world. And yes, my mommy friends are pretty hot on it, too. Every week someone is telling me how they’ve manipulated this thing into a new use.  And it comes in black, white and purple (my favorite).

My Top 5 Uses So far:


1. Car Cell Phone Holder. I use it to hold my cell phone in the car as I use Google maps (Siri, lead the way!)-which I use every day. Nope, I have no sense of direction.


2. Keeps your kid quiet in the car. Hang it off the front seat head rest and you can suspend your iPhone or iPad (might need 2 if you’re using a full sized iPad) so junior or princess can watch their favorite cartoon or movie in the backseat. Perfect for road trips so nuggets stay quiet.

3. Keeps your kid quiet while potty training. My friend is trying to potty train her daughter and her daughter insisted on watching a movie instead of going potty, so what did my friend do? She put the movie on her cell phone and propped that bad boy up on the spider securely next to the toilet. Voila… quiet potty time.

4. Hands free music, chatting, and face time on the go. Wraps around handles of strollers so you can chat away while taking baby for a walk or listen to music on your cell phone. For the non-mommies like me out there, I use this to suspend my cell phone off of gym equipment at the gym. I just refuse to let my phone touch any of that dirty germy gym equipment (yes, I might be OCD).

5. Keeps your iPhone & iPad safe from wet counter tops and table tops. If you’re like me and use online recipes a lot while cooking, but always have wet counter tops (because you’re cleaning or spilling while cooking), this is ideal for keeping your iPhone or iPad dry as you consult your recipes.

Enjoy and you’re welcome!

Photography Sale Just In Time For Father’s Day

Photography Sale Just In Time For Father's Day

Get 50% off of this old school fine art (yes FILM) photograph in my Etsy Shop when you use coupon code: SPRINGCLEANING2014 at checkout. All of the photography in my Etsy Shop is film photography and printed in the darkroom. Great collectables for art enthusiasts!

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