Book Chatter: Ruth Chatterton by Scott O’Brien

I’m beginning yet another category on my blog: “Book Chatter” from my GoodReads activity, and it will begin with a book review of my first cousin twice removed, Ruth Chatterton, by Scott O’Brien . I’ve been waiting for a book to finally surface about this interesting and famous actress of the 1920’s/1930’s. It’s about time she got her due (but then, I’m partial). She was bold, blunt and daring in her thoughts, actions, opinion and words…which she voiced often. Not only was she a fantastic actress, but a writer and aviatrix (she was good friends with Amelia Earhart). She did what she wanted to do without apology and lived her life fully. Reading this book will certainly inspire you; it certainly inspired me.
Ruth Chatterton, Actress, Aviator, AuthorRuth Chatterton, Actress, Aviator, Author by Scott O’Brien

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very interesting read. As a Chatterton, I’d heard various stories about my cousin, Ruth Chatterton growing up. Some of these stories were confirmed in this book, so Mr.O’Brien obviously did his research. I would have liked to have read more personal stories about the family but I understand how difficult it is to get personal info from the family…especially ours.

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