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“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” Khalil Gibran

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New York Moment

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If you want to experience what NYC was like between  2008-2011,check out one of my old blogs:

It’s a photographic time capsule.




Photo 365: NYC Pavements

Photo 365:  NYC Pavements

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Photo 365: Faith

Photo 365:  Faith

C-Print available on Etsy.

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NYC Tourism Tips

If you’re planning on visiting NYC, watch this video. It’s pretty spot on. And never, NEVER get off the ferry at Staten Island. (said the ex-New Yorker).

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Remember these brave men in the fire house next door to my east village apt
the dust covered people walking home in shock
running to the blood banks to see if our blood type is what they wanted…
stuffing socks in the window corners to keep smoke from entering our apt
the deafening silence but for sirens and engines …
of mobile mortuaries..
and how all of New York City became brothers
and sisters…
helping one another.

Soundtrack of My Life Tricia Chatter

Buckley On the Brain

Recently a friend posted a Jeff Buckley video on facebook and I was immediately transported back in time to the late 90’s, my first year in NYC, living as a poor struggling artist in the East Village. An actor friend introduced me to Jeff Buckley’s album “Grace.” This song most definitely should be included in the soundtrack of my life. Stop, listen and if you don’t know who he is… learn. If you know music, you should know who Jeff Buckley is.