The Coffee Shop 1997

coffeeshoplove-11-2Once upon a time, twenty-somethings met daily in the local coffee shop. Artists, Actors, Musicians, oh my!  We drank, we smoked, we created, we talked about life and the future until the wee hours of the sunrise, fueling our art, our minds.  We did not have smart phones…and it was good.

My New Obsession (NIN “Closer” covered by Kawehi)

I’m not sure if I’m obsessed with this song is because:
a. I had the same exact outfit she’s wearing in this video
b. I love “Closer” by NIN
c. I loved the 90’s
d. All of the above.

Alright…it’s all of the above. Check out her version of “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana, as well. Pure gold. This girl is going far.

Buckley On the Brain

Recently a friend posted a Jeff Buckley video on facebook and I was immediately transported back in time to the late 90’s, my first year in NYC, living as a poor struggling artist in the East Village. An actor friend introduced me to Jeff Buckley’s album “Grace.” This song most definitely should be included in the soundtrack of my life. Stop, listen and if you don’t know who he is… learn. If you know music, you should know who Jeff Buckley is.

Today’s Epiphany

I recently told a friend that I was moving to Seattle in May.  She immediately told me “You have to see this video then.  It’s about Portland, but really it’s the same as Seattle.”


“Do you remember the nineties?”
“You know… people were talking about getting piercings and tribal tattoos.”
“People were singing about saving the planet, forming bands.”
“There’s a place where that exists and still has a reality.  And I’ve been there.”
“Where is it?”

She was right.  I think I saw each and every person in this video on my last visit to… Seattle.  The dream of the 90’s is still alive in Seattle AND now in Portland.

Which…in turn, means, that the hipsters in Portland (and Williamsburg, Brooklyn) actually began in Seattle.  Epiphany had, mystery solved.   Good thing I kept my flannel.