12:30 St.Patrick’s Day Boca Raton Pub Check Report


Irish music pervades the air…st.patsbatch2-5 st.patsbatch2-4 st.patsbatch2 st.patsbatch2-3

As promised, the party has begun.  The street is blocked off and there are some delicious plates of cabbage and corned beef populating the tables.  People and dogs are dressed in full green regalia.  There’s a bright green classic car to punctuate the event and in true form, I suspect many of the patrons have been there since last night.  The bag pipes aren’t there yet…and I didn’t notice a dunk tank.  Perhaps that’s to come.

The Black Rose
They were still setting up when I walked by but there are a few drinkers partaking in libations.  I suspect this will be quite packed in a few hours.


Still setting up.  It’s looking good, though.  Some people are beginning to meander in.

Wishing Well

Nothing really happening yet.  They’re setting up.  The only patrons I saw were two girls with green dresses.   I’m sure my 5:00pm check in will provide a completely different scene.

Enjoy, be safe, and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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