Things Aren’t What They Used To Be

St.Patrick’s day in Boca Raton has changed since I was in college.  Instead of my capturing the calm before the storm, I captured the calm before the calm.  Boca definitely changed during the thirteen years I was in New York.  St.Patricks is shockingly… mellow now. I did, however, capture some photos of all this maturity…andContinue reading “Things Aren’t What They Used To Be”

12:30 St.Patrick’s Day Boca Raton Pub Check Report

Irish music pervades the air… O’Brians As promised, the party has begun.  The street is blocked off and there are some delicious plates of cabbage and corned beef populating the tables.  People and dogs are dressed in full green regalia.  There’s a bright green classic car to punctuate the event and in true form, IContinue reading “12:30 St.Patrick’s Day Boca Raton Pub Check Report”

St. Patrick’s Day Port-o-Potty Check

I just wandered around Royal Palm Place in Boca to get a look at St.Patrick’s Day preparations.  It’s quiet, people are slowly starting to meander around in their green,the tents are up, and more importantly, the port-o-potties are out.  Everyone is preparing…(though the party is already in full swing in Delray Beach). I’m sure theContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Port-o-Potty Check”