The Rebel House in Boca is Open for Easter Sunday Brunch- Hallelujah!

My favorite restaurant in Boca, The Rebel House, will be serving brunch this Sunday for the first time with a menu they are calling “Wake and Bake” brunch.  Appropriate on so many levels for South Florida . We’re all quite familiar with the deliciousness of their “OG Receipe Fried Chicken & Biscuits”- and I’m particularlyContinue reading “The Rebel House in Boca is Open for Easter Sunday Brunch- Hallelujah!”

Best Little Tea House in Boca

Another wandering around Boca Raton produced yet another great find:  The Spice & Tea Exchange.  This wonderful little find in Mizner Park provided me with a wonderland of teas, spices, specialty salts, sugars, and oils- everything a foodie could love.  If you love cooking… and drinking tea, this is the place for you.   Take atContinue reading “Best Little Tea House in Boca”

Holistic in Boca With Nature’s Symphony

I was wandering around my neighborhood the other day and stumbled across this cute little aromatherapy store, Nature’s Symphony. At first I noticed the sage sticks and the sarcastic side of me responded with “Sage sticks in Boca? How appropriate”  but then I was drawn to the organic oils, soaps, perfumes, candles, lotions, creams andContinue reading “Holistic in Boca With Nature’s Symphony”