Spooky Seattle: Haunted Spaces and Places

Instead of paying far too much money to get chased, groped and screamed at by overzealous actors with chainsaws and overdone horror makeup, why not check out some “real” haunts in Seattle.  Most of these are free, so there will be none of that “buyer’s remorse” nonsense.   Here’s my top ten list for spooky spotsContinue reading “Spooky Seattle: Haunted Spaces and Places”

The Old Ballard House

As I walk around Queen Anne here in Seattle, there is one house that always intrigues me- the Ballard House. It’s slightly down Highland Drive from Kerry Park and worth admiring if you are in the area. According to History.org, “Martin D. Ballard (1832-1907) arrived in the Northwest across the Oregon Trail in 1852. AfterContinue reading “The Old Ballard House”

Countdown to Halloween

There’s a chill in the air …and you know what that means: Halloween is on its way. Here’s a photograph I took in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle to get you in that ghoulish mood. You can also purchase this photo o my website at http://www.chattergoldstudios.com


Remember these brave men in the fire house next door to my east village apt the dust covered people walking home in shock running to the blood banks to see if our blood type is what they wanted… stuffing socks in the window corners to keep smoke from entering our apt the deafening silence butContinue reading “Remembering”

The Week in “Say What?”

I’m beginning a new post series called The Week in “Say What?” simply because I encounter so many memes and videos that inspire some serious “Say What?” moments. Here are this week’s funny and awe inspiring internet moments: 1.  “Offline Dating”: Choose Local. It’s Better for the Environment This guy is brilliant. No one wantsContinue reading “The Week in “Say What?””

Queen Anne Day Photographs

Saturday was nugget heaven during the Queen Anne Day festivities…   Dad scored some balloons for later… Queen Anne Ave before the running of the bulls… The local Presbyterian Church And who doesn’t love some Papa Smurf Shopping the sidewalk sales… Most of the festivities occurred at the Community Center… Love this photo of aContinue reading “Queen Anne Day Photographs”