Photo 365: Into the Jungle

Florida Everglades. Available in every size.

Discovering Treasure

2 of 4 in a photo series printed in the darkroom in 1997. Silver Gelatin Print. No computers, no printers… Just me In the Darkroom With my Ilford Paper and the enlarger Filters Fun Chemicals and Fixer Fixing a moment in time And adding it to my Etsy gallery. Click on image to view upContinue reading “Discovering Treasure”

The Least Figure – Rumi

I tried to think of some way to let my face become yours. “Could I whisper in your ear a dream I’ve had?  You’re the only one I’ve told this to.” You tilt your head, laughing, as if, “I know the trick you’re hatching, but go ahead.” I am an image you stitch with goldContinue reading “The Least Figure – Rumi”