Inspired Again

I was at the @VonLintelLA Gallery last night, enjoying the nature inspired work of British born artist Susan Derges. Her images are created without a camera, quite photogram-like, including the shadows that occur in nature, among the trees and water under moonlight. Fascinating and inspiring work…and reminiscent of a series I started in 1999 but withContinue reading “Inspired Again”

Discovering Treasure

2 of 4 in a photo series printed in the darkroom in 1997. Silver Gelatin Print. No computers, no printers… Just me In the Darkroom With my Ilford Paper and the enlarger Filters Fun Chemicals and Fixer Fixing a moment in time And adding it to my Etsy gallery. Click on image to view upContinue reading “Discovering Treasure”

Photo 365: Transfiguration

Photo series I’m featuring on Etsy this week. I photographed this statue of Jesus in 1999 at the Church of the Transfiguration in Manhattan during one of my many photo meditations. It’s part of a diptych also for sale on my Etsy page.  These two prints are true C-prints, not digital, printed from negatives inContinue reading “Photo 365: Transfiguration”