Flame (Poems From Yesteryear)

The candle flame flickers As I sit here and stare Wondering if You’re wondering where I am Or Who I am with Or if I’m thinking of you As you think of me Too. I sit here staring The candle flickers Are you caring? About me? Like I care about you? The candlelight flickers TellingContinue reading “Flame (Poems From Yesteryear)”

Never Alone

Lighting strikes Breaking the silence Sound so deafening My breath catches All alone In the night sky All alone In the universe You call my name I hear And smile No boundaries Can separate us. by Tricia Chatterton (somewhere in the 90’s).  All Rights Reserved.

“Soldier” (Poems from Yesteryear)

How to know Which way to go And whom To go with Social circles lead But don’t plant the seed Of who shall be And who they shall be With. So, I pause and look Unphased Yet dazed As I open another book Waiting for that tap on the shoulder To look and find AContinue reading ““Soldier” (Poems from Yesteryear)”

“World Full of Color” (Poems From Yesteryear)

I’m beginning a new category (can’t get enough) titled “Poetry From Yesteryear.”  As I go through all of my sketchbooks from my twenties, I’m finding some interesting poetry.  It’s fascinating to see where I was emotionally and spiritually at that time… and how much life has changed since.  I begin my first in the seriesContinue reading ““World Full of Color” (Poems From Yesteryear)”