Buckley On the Brain

Recently a friend posted a Jeff Buckley video on facebook and I was immediately transported back in time to the late 90’s, my first year in NYC, living as a poor struggling artist in the East Village. An actor friend introduced me to Jeff Buckley’s album “Grace.” This song most definitely should be included in the soundtrack of my life. Stop, listen and if you don’t know who he is… learn. If you know music, you should know who Jeff Buckley is.

The Week in “Say What?”

Part two in my series of clever memes, articles and videos that made me think “Say what?”  My new favorite facebook page this week is “So You Think You Can Gay”- a lot of this hilariousness came from that page.

1. Do it. (Scotland is my kind of country).1002993_580363525347273_1050162398_n2.  Don’t do it, man.563266_595871247129834_890764098_n3.  Burglars with a conscience?  Read this


4.  “Blurred Lines” begets blurred dancing in back seats. (Turn mute off)

Blurred Lines Backseat

This one is pretty funny, too. (I wish there were hashtag cops)

5.  Now THIS is painting.


Song On the BRAIN “Alouette”

From the moment I woke up this morning, I’ve been singing this song (flashbacks to kindergarten in Montréal maybe?). So, of course, I youtubed it and found this funky little version by Jean Francois Alexandre. Now I’ll never stop singing it. I thought I’d share it with you so you can get the same enjoyment. You’re welcome.

Ten Guys You Should Never Date In Your Twenties…But Probably Will


After a hilarious discussion about men that have graced our pasts as well as the pasts of other friends, my friend Denise and I agreed to write blog posts that would enlighten some ladies out there about the perils of dating in your twenties and possibly thirties…for some.

Though being happily married has taken me out of the dating game, I most definitely have a list of the one’s that you date and the ones that you don’t.

(No offense, gentlemen. Hopefully you find this post amusing-it’s all in fun)

But first, read Denise’s blog post because it’s beyond hilarious…and true.

Secondly, before I write anything,… if you can find the gentleman that you just met on this site, Dontdatehimgirl,  you need to cut him loose asap.

Now that I’ve got you properly paranoid, onto the list:

1.  The DJ:  In your late teens, early twenties, it might be fun.  You get into clubs for free.  Drinks are free (among other substances) but …he’s a DJ. HELLO.   Unless your game is stronger than his (as in your the hot chick dancing like a pro on the speakers while he’s DJing and you’re surrounded by a circle of male fans that keep him in check), then give it up.  It’s quite likely that he’ll be trading you in for a wide eyed twink in about five minutes.

2.  The Surfer:  Waves are his women.  He’s in love with the ocean. You are merely arm candy and someone to pass the time when there are no waves.  Yeah, he’s hot and his talk of the ocean is deep, but more than likely, he’s got a wide range of STD’s.

3.  “He’s in the band”– I don’t care if he’s the singer, the drummer (“but he’s so deep and emotional!”), the bass guitarist or the lead, he’s IN. A. BAND.  Do you know why he’s in a band?  Certainly not to have a long monogamous relationship with a girl that’s at home while he’s on tour.  Capisce?

4.  The Photographer:  If he’s a landscape or nature photographer only, then go for it.  But if he’s a fashion photographer or “enjoys photographing body landscapes,” JUST. SAY. NO.  He’s surrounded by beautiful, NAKED models all day long.  Unless he’s hideous, they will sleep with him.  Actually, even if he is hideous, they’ll probably sleep with him.

5.  The Actor:  I know, I know.  He’s pretty.  He’s fun.  There’s never a dull moment.  He’s so spontaneous. But he’s CRAZY (and I quote the loveable Paul Rudd on this—he told me many years ago during a cocktail party in the west village that “All actors are crazy.” Paul Rudd wouldn’t lie.)
But maybe you like that.  Maybe you like waking up next to a different personality every morning.  It gets especially interesting if he’s the type that “stays in character” the whole time he’s in a play or shooting a movie.  Good times.

6.  The “I’m in an open marriage” Guy:  They’re usually really hot, never wear wedding rings, and spring the “I’m in an open marriage” on you during the first date.  Oh yeah, buddy?  Does your wife know?  How about you get her on the phone?  I’d like to chat with her.

7.  The Chef:  He works from 9am-2:00am the following morning,  chain smokes, and most likely does a lot of coke.  Don’t believe me?  Hello, read Anthony Bourdain’s memoirs.  Maybe wait this one out and check back on him when he’s got his own restaurant under control (I have a soft spot for chefs).

8.  The Writer:  More than likely he’s an alcoholic, carries a flask on his person or a bottle in the trunk and has a secret addiction to adderall. BUT, you are his inspiration and you secretly love it.   You are his muse.
Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
He’ll write about you
Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
He’ll be writing about yoooooou.

9.  The Importer/Exporter:  He’s a drug dealer, plain and simple.  Trust me on this.

10.  The Stockbroker/Finance Guy:  One of his best friends is the Importer/Exporter.  He’s got about four to five women dangling at the same time and will break up with you via his personal assistant when someone else has taken the lead in his arm candy race.   A dear friend of mine was a personal assistant for one of these lovely gentlemen.  She got a $10,000 bonus at Christmas for her “troubles.”

I actually could add about twenty more to this list but I’ll save that for a later post.  Or book.

My only advice to you ladies is to not be lured in by the glitz and bravado.   When they talk a good game, they’re usually playing a good game.Take notice of the sweet quiet guy who opens the door and smiles shyly at you. Most likely, he’s the one you should be with.

“Quietness”- Rumi


I recently unearthed my “Rumi” book from college and the page with this poem was marked.  This poem is as perfect now as it was to me 14 years ago when I marked the page.  I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do.


Inside this new love, die.Your way begins on the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.
Walk out like someone finally born into color.
Do it now.
You’re covered with thick cloud.
Slide out the side. Die,
and be quiet.  Quietness is the surest sign
that you’ve died.
Your old life was a frantic running
from silence.
The speechless full moon
comes out now.

The Week in “Say What?”

I’m beginning a new post series called The Week in “Say What?” simply because I encounter so many memes and videos that inspire some serious “Say What?” moments. Here are this week’s funny and awe inspiring internet moments:

1.  “Offline Dating”: Choose Local. It’s Better for the Environment
This guy is brilliant. No one wants to travel to date someone in Manhattan…or anywhere. Choose Local.

2.  According to Thought Catalog,
“This 10-Year-Old Girl Has The Soul Of 1,000 Drag Queens”
Because I’m an expert in this area, I’d have to say they are correct in their statement. Thought this may be troubling to some, the girl seriously knows how to throw down.

3.  And this week’s true winner, takes a demented turn with
“Crazy Rhubarb Lady”
According to Gawker, “After a rash of rhubarb burglaries in a nondescript Iowa town, local residents set out to uncover the culprit — only to discover that the person behind the leafy larceny is exactly the kind of person you’d expect would steal someone else’s hard-grown rhubarb.”

4.  And of course I must include this because I love Jimmy Fallon. Thousands of “Blurred Lines” adaptations are being recorded as we speak. at. this. very. moment.

5.  And I’ll close with this little meme…just because I’m just a little dead inside.